Company Overview
More than just the story of another contracting company, the history of Nassar Teamwork for Contracting s.a.l. (NTC) represents a legacy of simple beginnings, family values, perseverance and hard work, resulting successful accomplishments and inspiring outcomes.
We have been working for more than 36 years, in at least 8 countries worldwide.
Our Services
The company's achievements vary form leisure, cultural and residential projects to office and commercial buildings, schools, industrial warehouses and hospitals, as well as civil and marine works.
Contact Info
For more information contact us at:
Tel: 961-1-899-072 / 961-1-902-227 Fax: 961-1-873-862
Nassar Teamwork for Contracting, New Jdeideh Street, Ariane Building, 1st Floor, Beirut, Lebanon
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