Rose Commercial Center (Broumana, Mount Lebanon)

Constructing a commercial and residential center in Broumana with all electro-mechanical works, landscaping, and finishing works. The center included 15 residential apartments, 3 cinema theaters, a shopping center, restaurants, entertainment center, parking facilities, storage and technical rooms  (total constructed area: 17,000m²).

Renovation of Wadi Abou Jmeel Area & Minet El-Hosn (Beirut Central District)

Renovating and implementing hardscape works in Wadi Abou Jmeel and Minet El-Hosn areas. Works included excavation, backfilling, asphalting, paving 10,000m2 of streets with basalt, granite sidewalks and curbstones, street furnishings, constructing new electrical and telephone networks as well as constructing and relocating sewage, storm and irrigation water networks.

Dalal Building Saifi 106-3 (Beirut Central District)

Completely constructing and furbishing a high quality 5-storey building with a ground floor and 2 underground parking facilities, including the structural, architectural and electro-mechanical works (total constructed area 8,000m2).

Yarzeh Private Residence (Yarzeh, Mount Lebanon)

Executing excavation, backfilling and concrete works for the construction of a private residence in Yarzeh. Works included 1500m3 of excavation, backfilling 2000m3, constructing retaining walls, 2600m3 of reinforced concrete, 2200 m2 of block work and plastering 6000m2.

Renovation of Bachoura Area – (Beirut Central District)

Upgrading the existing electrical infrastructure utilities over an area of 4850m2in the Bachoura Area. Works included the construction of 3,450m ducting, 74 manholes and handholes, 3300m2 agglomerate tiling, 1550m2 asphalt pavements. Infrastructure and hardscape works were also conducted throughout BCD roads, including the civil works needed to install 100 cameras, repair and

maintenance of streets’ furniture (bollards, poles, benches…).