Al-Muhaideb Residences, SOFAR VILLAS (Sofar, Mount Lebanon)

Constructing and finishing works of 6 luxurious villas (total construction area of 7,000m2) in addition to landscaping works covering 10,000 m2, including gardens, water fountains, river, and cascades. Works also included the establishment of electro-mechanical systems.

Planet Discovery (Beirut Central District)

Establishing Planet Discovery (children’s science museum) consisting of 1,500m2 area, made up of 3 floors. Works include all interior works such as wood work, floor, ceiling, glazing, paint and gypsum work, vinyl and resin finishing, in addition to electro-mechanical work.

Gebran Tueini Memorial (Beirut Central District)

Constructing a 1,500 m2 area in memory of the late Gebran Tueini in BCD, including a 5m high statue, landscaping, lighting, infrastructure, granite tiling, and irrigation systems.

Rehabilitation & Infrastructure Works (Beirut Central District)

On-going rehabilitation, hardscape and infrastructure work at different areas within Beirut Central District area as per Solidere’s request and supervision (tiling and rehabilitating sidewalks, constructing & widening manholes and others).

U.T.D.P., Traffic Management Program (Greater Beirut)

Implementing traffic management on around 200 Kms of roadways and 210 intersections in Greater Beirut Area, including 80,000m curbstones; 85,000m2 cement and interlocking tiles; 15,000m3 asphalt concrete surface wearing course; roadway marking; 4,500 traffic signs supplied and installed; traffic canalization and geometric changes; Removal and/or relocation of existing utilities (street lighting, electrical pole, drains,…).

Yarzeh 5061 Building

Constructing a modern luxurious 4-storey residential building and a ground floor, including the structural, architectural and electro-mechanical works as well as landscaping works (total constructed area 2,500m2).

Beit Misk Infrastructure Construction–Package1

Implementing all infrastructure works for the Beit Misk Residential project that is being developed by Emaar Lebanon, including the construction of approximately 6.2Km of roads with the storm water network, sewage system, domestic water network and related pump rooms, water reservoirs, power networks (main and distribution) and its related transformer rooms with street lighting network, telecom network conduits provisions, and all related civil, architectural, and electromechanical works.